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We make a huge ammount of tests with a lot of new varieties to select which ones adapt to our quality requirements.

At Grupo Lucas we constantly work to adapt our comercial strategy to the interests and needs of our customers and consumers. We produce all of our products always looking for the best elaboration processes without giving up on tradiltional processes, as innovation and tradition aren´t opposite concepts.


From Grupo Lucas we support sport and its athletes, sponsoring great professionals from a great variety of sports. Athletes that we’ll support in every new challenge and adventure, people that show in every step their constancy and tenacity, a mentality that we share at Grupo Lucas.

  • Ana Carrasco (Piloto) Ana Carrasco
  • Alex Canovas (Piloto) Alex Canovas
  • E.F. El Raal (Equipo de fútbol) E.F. El Raal
  • Grupo Alcaraz (Equipo de atletismo) Grupo Alcaraz
  • Moda EF Murcia (Paintball) Moda EF Murcia
  • Club Jumilla (BTT) Club Jumilla