Know about us


Our priority in Grupo Lucas are our clients, this is why we cultivate vegetables with the higher quality standards through the whole year. For us, workers motivation is essential, this is why we are clear defenders of internal promotion, offering opportunities not just to improve their personal development, but their professional development. As we also have a big compromise with the use of natural resources, so that their use is totally sustainable and responsable.


In Grupo Lucas we want to keep growing, consolidate our actual position in the national market but alsp keep expanding in the international market. Always keeping in mind our clients and employees, betting for the continuous improvement of our processes, the innovation and being faithful to our Brand.


In Grupo Lucas we have a tough compromiso with society and the environment, we are moved by the eagerness of surpassing our limits, to improve the quality of our products in a day-to-day basis. The respect, the passion and the dedication of our staff, are the facts that make possible the reaching of the best quality products to our customers. As well as our enthusiasm and service vocation, not only to our clients, but to our suppliers and our nearest collaborators, make us to want to surpass ourselves everyday.


Where does
our product begin

60.000 m² of facilities

25.000 m² of manipulation centers

2.500 hectares of land


In Spain

On the last few years we’ve experimented an enormous growth at a national level, placing ourselves between the most important companies in the sector.

In the world

Our expansión keeps continuing through the European territory, always looking for our objective of keep growing.